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About You Know

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You Know Team

A year ago Jayne Knight had an idea that was to become ‘You Know’. The idea was to create a one-stop place where everyone knows to go to find the right information about social care, health and housing. In times of Government spending austerity there will be many challenges to face with unprecedented cuts to vital services. You Know’s development roadmap has plans to expand to include sections that rate and provide fair observations about services along with offering genuine national, independent advocacy. Join us in this journey by sharing the site with your contacts and through social media and help to support us through our sponsorship and advertising deals.


About You Know Founder Jayne Knight

janeAfter many years of working for Ling Trust as its CEO, following positions held at Chief Officer level in Local Authorities I am now working as the interim director for the Cameron Trust, setting up a housing association for specialised housing with support.

I had the idea for this website as I have found, although there is some great housing and care out there, I can’t say is that this is consistent. Whether it is the austerity measures or just a complete turnaround on values we have all learned over the past 30 years, I have been more and more shocked and disillusioned by what I recently have seen and experienced in social care and health. I still see a system of power, control, unnecessarily incarceration, lip service to any sense of personalisation and continuing abusive practices running alongside all the good practice that we know is the right way to care for our most vulnerable people.I am asked constantly to help advocate for the person at the receiving end of poor services and very poor advice . I know many good people out there who find themselves doing exactly the same.

So this site was a start. I thought about it nearly a year ago. It was not long after my lovely mum died and I know she was able to have the best of care. I wanted to make sure other people had the knowledge and help they needed too have great care too.  View Jayne's adviser profile here.