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adam barrett

Adam Barrett


Adam is a lead trainer, assessor and owner of Type Write Speak. Adam has 10 years experience being a Personal Assistant for his sister Heather Barrett, who types to communicate, and has Autism.
At Type, Write, Speak we believe that everyone should be given the opportunity to communicate, and we endeavour to find a way we can make this happen for each and every person we work with, creating a bespoke communication strategy that works.
We use a total communication approach, as we believe communication is a full body activity. Drawing from our experience and knowledge of cutting edge therapies and interventions available on the market today Type, Write, Speak will cover every aspect of your communication difficulties to create a successful programme for you.
We presume competence of every single person we work with, using age appropriate material to motivate participation. 
Adam trained as a teacher at Bolton University and qualified as a FC trainer by completing the training for trainers course at Syracuse University in New York, USA, returning in 2009 to assist speakers and presenters in their workshops during their bi-annual communication conference. Adam has also recently gained a Masters in Inclusive Education from Bolton University.
Adam has led workshops and training events nationally and internationally about communication and social care issues speaking in front of hundreds of participants including the skills for care council.
Adam is passionate about disability rights, particularly communication rights and is a member of the Independent Research Panel at Communication Matters.
If you need advice about:
  • communication difficulties,
  • technology advice or
  • differentiating curriculum

please feel free to contact me on line at Yoiu Know. Look forward to hearing from you.