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Katie Clarke

Katie Clarke


I am the proud mother of 6 children and in between the ironing and being on the internet I am a campaigner, traveller, music lover and I like walking in the hills.   I have set up 4 organisations in the last 16 years all working with families with disabled children.

Being a parent of a disabled child has entered me into the world of human rights and disability. Meeting hundreds of parents over the years and has given me a deep insight into the daily struggles and challenges as well as the joys and the celebrations of bringing up a young person into a new world of austerity and cuts.

I believe in telling the truth and letting families know what is happening in the world around them to raise their awareness.  At the same time I plant seeds of inspiration and love to give families hope and dreams for a better future for their own children.  Working with families to build their resilience for the marathon of what lies ahead and to look at their lives with positivity feels even more important now than before. I can give on line advice initially on this site and through other organisatiuons that I am highly involved with.

I am the founder of the following organisations:

Bringing Us Together

We have a new project called Justice Together.

Visits Unlimited (working with the tourist industry)

1Voice – Communicating Together

Calderdale Parent Council

I also am a trainer for Contact a Family, Council for Disabled Children, and work freelance running workshops, seminars and speaking at conferences.