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nic crosby bio

Nic Crosby


I have worked alongside young people since starting out as a worker at Kettlewell Youth Hostel in the Yorkshire Dales when I was 16, supporting children and young people funded by a Gingerbread group in Bradford, taking them climbing and down caves and generally having a good time!

Work and life has been very varied since I finished college….working on an organic smallholding, painting pictures, taking NVQ’s in IT and business and then getting my first job supporting disabled people at an institution ….I lasted a year and supported all three of my ‘key clients to move out’ and not making myself incredibly popular with the management.  Since then I’ve followed my passion to make a difference, working in local authority services, in a Health Action Zone project on transition and then with the Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities, Paradigm where I first starting supporting young people to take up individual budgets (the DYNAMITE project) and since 2006 I’ve worked with In Control to develop personal budgets and person centred support for children and young people……and this work goes on.

My offer of support or the expertise I might be able to offer is around all things personal budgets and children and young people including legislation, practice guidelines, myths and myth busting, working alongside schools, colleges, social care services and health services.  And if I can’t help I’ll probably know someone who can ….fingers crossed I can help J