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Nigel Devine

Nigel Devine


I have a social work qualification and management qualifications . I have  in- depth knowledge of Person Centred Planning and have also trained in the USA and Canada on Person Centred approaches

I have managed a number of dynamic services and have a great deal of experience of managing at a senior level within a number of organisations.

My background experience

I was a Director of Consultancy with Paradigm working with leading support providers and commissioners across the UK, Canada and the USA. Paradigm was the leading provider of consultancy and training in the UK at the time I was employed .

 During 2006 I was the lead officer for the Governments ‘Valuing People Support Team’, working on their ‘Local Services for Local People’ programme. This meant developing new services in specific localities across the UK. I assisted a number of people with expensive packages of support to return  home and  to community settings of their choice .

I am skilled at undertaking Individual Service Designs and successful in taking these designs and turning them into outcomes that people want.

I have helped design and set up new services in a number of UK locations. My work has had a focus on supporting provider development and I was tasked with the implementation of the Governments personalisation agenda as part of my work with In Control.

I have help develop  person centred  support services in a number of places across England.

My career has focused on commissioning development, day services modernisation, service re -provision, direct payments, individualised budgets, self directed support, transition and community team development.

My role has also included acting ‘trouble shooter’ for organisations facing difficulties and demonstrating poor practice. I have been asked to intervene in several difficult situations and have always managed to bring about positive outcomes

I have led a number of Study Tours to the USA and Canada..

I have worked on behalf of Demos (A leading think tank organisation) and Acevo promoting personalisation across the UK as part of a series of day long seminars in fifteen UK cities.

 I was the Transformation lead for York County Council from 2010 to 2011 focussing on individualised budgets, self directed support and provider development. During this time York were successful in driving their  personalisation agenda  across the county and were seen as a leading authority in this field.

I have spent a great deal of time supporting individuals and their families to gain access to a range of funding and to find providers of choice with some excellent outcomes.

I spent seventeen years as a Senior Manager with North Tyneside council promoting and developing person centred approaches. I led services for people with learning disabilities, physical disabilities and mental health services. I also managed a combined health and social care team something was very rare at that time.

I trained staff in all aspects of Person centred planning and individual service design and works on a voluntary basis on behalf of local families supporting them to achieve their aim of setting up person centred services.

I can give initial on line advice through You Know to assist you with any aspects of problems you are experiencing and then through other work that I am connected with.