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Alicia Wood

Alicia Wood


Alicia is a qualified biodynamic psychotherapist who has worked with people with mental ill health and learning disabilities who have labels of ‘challenging behaviour’. Through this work, it became apparent that peoples ‘problems’ were often less about them and more about the systems and structures around them that do not recognise people as individuals. This understanding ignited a passion for enabling people to get ordinary lives through person-centred approaches to housing and support and a shift away from service-orientated responses to housing and support. 

Alicia has worked in the statutory and voluntary sectors. She has led strategies to create more housing for people with learning disabilities and managed a pilot project to test home ownership options and natural supports. 

More recently, she led on the national housing delivery plan for people with learning disabilities, working with the Department of Health, the Cabinet Office and the Department for Communities and Local Government. She has also led national development programmes for In Control, Paradigm and the NDTi, working on housing, community development and personalisation. Alicia is a Fellow of the Centre for Welfare Reform.

Alicia has written and contributed to many publications including:

  • Reach Standards in Supported Living
  • Reach Out - personalising community and day services
  • Gadgets, Gizmos & Gaining Independence - the use of Assistive Technology by People with a Learning Disability