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Zoe Thompson

Zoe Thompson


I am a Mum to a teen with autism and his typical younger brother and together with my husband, we have set up our own special school for children with autism  Our school brings a new approach to autism education in that it seeks to help young people address the difficulties at the heart of autism.  We use the principles and practice of Relationship Development Intervention (RDI) to work on the developmental milestones that young people have missed in order to help them become more able to regulate themselves and better able to manage uncertainty and change.

I have experience in supporting parents through the Education Heath and Care Plan process, as well as in supporting families to ensure they get the social care services (such as direct payments for respite) they are entitled to.  I have a track record of successfully helping parents to challenge in these areas via complaints and judicial review.  You can see some of the testimonials from parents I have supported on the school web site.

In response to Thomas Rawnsley’s sad and unnecessary death, I am one of the founders of Justice Together – a new project from Bringing us Together that seeks to make information and support available to families whose children and young people have been detained or are at risk of being detained against their wishes.

I am well connected to other parent activists and professionals and if I don’t know the answer to something, or the right way to help someone, I can usually find someone who does.

I blog sporadically (time is an issue!) about autism and RDI, as well as about helping families to challenge providers. and I am on Twitter as @notnigellajamie